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Toyota Camatte at Tokyo Toy Show 2012

The Toyota Camatte, a concept car aimed at getting children interested in driving, has been unveiled at the Tokyo Toy Show. To read the full story, check out the story and pictures on the Toyota blog: http://blog.toyota.co.uk/home

GT5 and New Toyota GT 86 Concept 2012

GT5 and New Toyota GT 86 Concept 2012

Toyota Land Cruiser 2012

Taming Every Corner of the Globe for Over 60 Years

The legendary Land Cruiser has been a leader in 4WD performance and reliability for over 60 years. It has become an integral part of people's lives in virtually every land, and can be found cruising on roads in every corner of the globe. Now reborn to meet the future, with added ruggedness and power, the next-generation King of 4WD features a host of new innovations to extend its mastery over the toughest terrain. Nothing slows the wheels of progress: The Pride of the land!

Смешная видео реклама Toyota RAV 4

Смешная видео реклама всем известного автомобиля Toyota RAV 4

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